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Ultrasonic Love

A project in which Paul Pichler creates most personal jewelry for Moms and Dads to be


During pregnancy, a lot of ultrasound pictures are taken, which you like to show and keep for your loved ones.
Very many doctors nowadays also offer 3D-Ultrasound-Imaging, and that's where the new magic begins. These resulting 3D images of your child, still slumbering comfortably in mommy's belly, are transformed into jewelry by Paul Pichler to keep them by you forever.

With the help of CAD, the 3D ultrasound image is processed and printed. Then the desired piece of jewelry is handmade, finished and sent to you.

How does it work?

  • Ask your doctor to take a 3D ultrasound picture of your child - once this is done, you only have to send the files to Paul Pichler by mail: (preferably .zip).

  • In the mail you also tell us what kind of jewelry you would like to have - for rings also the required ring size.

  • Paul Pichler will then send you a preview of the desired piece of jewelry with your sent 3D ultrasound image.

  • Special requests are also possible, but these will be charged individually, taking into account the effort involved. 


Here are the classic jewelry models to choose from:

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