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Commissioning a piece of jewelry is a special and very personal experience. resulting in a magnificent one-of-a-kind piece that is yours forever and will possibly be passed on generation after generation.

Your own jewelry love story made entirely in the heart of Vienna.

At the beginning of any commissioned work, I like to sit down with the client comfortably over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine to get to know each other, to chat, to get a feel, and an idea of what my clients want.


From the tiniest pendant to a complete jewelry set, Paul Pichler designs and creates each piece of jewelry personally by hand, following the wishes of his customers.​

The reworking of old jewelry, or the use of old jewelry and the gemstones on it for new jewelry, to which a great deal of personal value is attached, is, of course, carried out with the greatest care and consideration.


Prices for bespoke jewelry are based on the following points


  1. intricacy and complexity of the design and the required time

  2. material (weight)

  3. quantity and type of gemstones

  4. the time frame or deadline



It is often helpful to first determine your desired minimum/maximum budget.

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